HT 1000 °

HT1000° is the only revolutionary thermo-hardening sheath with high technological content, specially built for the renovation of smoke ducts supporting continuous temperatures of up to 1000°C, like those in fireplaces, wood stoves and industrial furnaces.

HT1000° is slipped into the duct to be renovated and it is then inflated with hot air and steam to perfectly adapt to the duct walls like a second skin that can repair and seal even the smallest crack. This is why HT1000°, by perfectly adhering to the duct walls, creates an internal new layer which is completely waterproof and resistant to temperatures of 1000°C.

The HT1000° renovation system is the result of thorough and specialised studies, carried out at the Beca Engineering laboratories, on high-temperature resistant materials. In fact the components of the HT1000° meet technical standards both at anti-fire and ecological levels. After two levels of “crystallisation” respectively at 120°C and 250°C, the HT1000° sheath becomes resistant to temperatures of up to 1000°C in continuous use.


  • Complete adaptability of the existing flue system to all sections, whether it is circular, oval, triangular or rectangular in shape.
  • Sizes are available between 50mm – 600mm sheaths.
  • Suitable for high operating temperatures of 1300 ° C.
  • High power to fire barrier and flame propagation.
  • Thermal insulation
  • Resistance to alkali and acids.

  • HT1000° Advantages

    The new system, because of its very special features, can be used in all situations where it is necessary to operate non-destructive renovations of conducts normally submitted to temperatures up to 1000°C. This material with high technological contents, does not suffer any damage at these temperatures, and retains its characteristics whatever the heat output. In classic wood fireplaces, the problem often is not so much the temperature of the fumes that may be around 450°C upstream. The real problem arises when accumulating soot ignites along the duct to reach temperatures close to 1000°C. In such extreme situations, it is absolutely necessary to have a completely incombustible material which is also inert at high temperatures. Beca Engineering, after long studies and experiments, managed to create a completely incombustible material capable of withstanding temperatures of these levels.

    High Temperature Testing

    The core of our HT1000° is composed of ceramic fabrics impregnated with very special resins, designed tested and produced also in aeronautics for employment at very high temperatures.

    The HT1000 with its special features can be used in all situations where you need the non destructive curing of flue pipes at high temperatures up to 1300 ° C.

    The high-tech material at these temperatures does not undergo any alteration and retains its characteristics.

    Common Uses

  • Fireplaces
  • Wood-burning ovens.
  • Stoves Pellet Stoves.
  • Furnaces Industrial.
  • Ducts for industrial and high temperatures.

  • Installation

            - HT 1000 ° Specialist Installation.