The FitFire sheath is inserted inside the duct, and inflated with compressed air to adapt perfectly to the existing flue, like a second skin, to cover every detail, even the smallest crack.
For this FitFire adheres to any flue, creating a new layer inside that restores the perfect seal to fumes and heat.
Once the thermosetting sheath (already soaked with the special resins of the Beca Engineering laboratories) has been inserted into the flue, it is "fixed" thanks to a jet of high-temperature pressure steam, thus hardening the special sheath which restores the duct in a few minutes without the need for building works, reducing the time and costs of the intervention.
Instead of breaking walls and floors to remove old pipes and install new ones, this system works without building work, simply by rehabilitating the chimney from the inside. No dirt, no construction sites at home, also thanks to the all-Italian research of the Beca Enginnering laboratories.