Refurbishment of flues for fireplaces

The new revolutionary remediation system for solid fuels such as wood, coal used in civil fireplaces, wood-burning ovens and industrial furnaces has the exceptional feature of being able to guarantee absolute incombustibility at high temperatures and to maintain its characteristics over time even at 1300 ° C continuously.

The main features are as follows:

• Complete adaptability of the system to all sections of the existing circular, oval, triangular or rectangular flue.
• Sheath diameters available from 50mm to 600mm
• Suitable for high operating temperatures 1300 ° C
• High barrier to fire and flame propagation.
• Completely incombustible material.
• Thermal insulation.
• Resistance to alkaline and acid agents.

HT1000 is based on ceramic fabrics impregnated with particular resins designed and manufactured for high temperatures.

Fields of application

Due to its particular characteristics, the new HT1000 system can be used in all situations where non-destructive rehabilitation of smoke channels at high temperatures up to 1300 ° C is required.

The high-tech material at these temperatures does not undergo any alteration and maintains its characteristics unaltered.

It is no coincidence that in the most common wood-burning fireplaces, the problem is not so much the temperatures of the fumes that can reach temperatures of around 700-800 ° C at the entrance, but the real problem is when soot deposits form along the duct which often it ignites bringing the flue wall temperature over 1000 ° C. Consequently it is absolutely necessary to have a completely incombustible material at high temperatures, in fact if it were not incombustible it would cause a fire or a break inside the duct itself, causing unimaginable consequences.

After long studies and experiments, Beca Engineering has managed to create a completely incombustible material suitable to withstand these high temperatures.

The most common fields of application are the following:
Non-destructive rehabilitation of flues of:
• Wood Burning Fireplace
• Wood furnaces
• Industrial furnaces
• Pellet stoves
• Wood stoves
• industrial furnaces
• Industrial ducts destined to high temperatures.